What a wonderful surprise! I won the 2nd Annual #KTIllustrates Illustration award through SCBWILA. The illustration entries were inspired by the prompt “Here you will find the dragon’s secret.” The contest was open to any form (spot, spread, or cover design) and in any medium, so long as it kept the interpretation of the prompt as it would apply to children’s books.

I was in wonderful company as the runner-ups were Jessica Cooper and Yui Kajita, both very talented illustrators. One of whom, Jessica Cooper, I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2024 SCBWI writers Conference at the Skirball Center.

01.30.2022: After winning the #KTIllustrates Award, I was interviewed by Jessica Chrysler, the Kite Tales Co-Managing Editor at SCBWI LA Region. The interview was posted on SCBWI Kite Tales Blog. Click below.

This is the illustration I created for the SCBWI Los Angeles Regional Kite Tales Illustrator Contest. The prompt given to illustrate the 11/27/21 deadline was:

Here you will find the dragon’s secret…


I used watercolor on paper and composited
the painted elements in photoshop.