SCBWI 2023 Winter Virtual Conference

Even though I would have loved to travel to New York, I really enjoyed watching the virtual SCBWI conference from Los Angeles. I was very moved by Aisha Saeed’s talk about success and what it ultimately means (i.e. making a difference in any one person’s life) – I couldn’t agree more! I also loved hearing Andrea Welch talk about “Creating Picture Books that Soar.” Although much of what she said is taught at Storyteller Academy, it was a wonderful reminder of how the craft of writing picture books has universal elements such as “What is the heart of your story?” and “Why will readers “care” enough to keep turning the pages?” I found the Panel of Agents and Editors to be very helpful. I found their wish to be part of the marketing side of things early on instead of when it’s too late to implement any suggestions interesting.

I really enjoyed texting my fellow critique group members throughout the day to hear their thoughts and opinions. It felt like we were all there together.

Ok, enough inspiration, I’m heading back to work on my latest picture book dummy!